May 232017
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Swim Champs

On the weekend of 27 April 2017, the St Chris Sharks travelled to Dubai to participate in the MEUC Swimming Championships. Our team consisted of the largest travelling squad and 43 Sharks competed against over 30 other schools from around the Gulf region. For some of our swimmers, it was their first time competing out of Bahrain, or in a 50m pool. At the end of a very tiring weekend, our Sharks left with nearly 50 medals and loads of personal best times. There were Finals for 50m Freestyle and we had many of our swimmers qualify and even win medals against the eight fastest swimmers in their age group. The climax of the event was when our 15 and over Relay teams won Gold in both the Freestyle and Medley Relay.

Championships (WHITE RIBBON) Development (RED RIBBON)
Klara Mareschova 50m Fly Gold Mia Sum 50 Backstroke Gold
Sade Lutge 50m Breaststroke Gold Alice Brandreth 100 freestyle Gold
Roma Vrijhof 50m Backstroke Gold 15 over Medlay relay x4 Gold
Roma Vrijhof 100m Backstroke Gold 15 over Freestyle relay x4 Gold
Klara Mareschova 50m Freestyle Gold
Tom Watson 50m Freestyle Gold
Klara Mareschova 50m Backstroke Gold
Roma Vrijhof 200m Freestyle Gold
Klara Mareschova 100m Freestyle Gold
Roma Vrijhof 200m Backstroke Gold
Tom Watson 50m breaststroke Silver Yousif Al Najjar 50m Backstroke Silver
Sade Lutge 100 Fly silver Matteo Ghorayeb 50m Breaststroke Silver
Amalie Nielsen 200 Breaststroke Silver Olivia Allen 100m Backstroke Silver
Amalie Nielsen 50m Breaststroke Silver Max Chadwick 100m Freestyle silver
Sade Lutge 200IM Silver Sulaf Al Jalal 50m Breaststroke Silver
Laura Adamson 50m Backstroke Silver
Sulaf Al Jalal 100m Freestyle silver
Lottie Gosling 100 Breaststroke Bronze Matthew Portelli 100 Freestyle Bronze
Amalie Nielsen 100m Breaststroke Bronze Sulaf Al Jalal 50m Backstroke Bronze
Adriana Lluch 50m Backstroke Bronze Mia Sum 200m Breaststroke Bronze
Sade Lutge 50m Fly Bronze Maya Malhas 100m Backstroke Bronze
Isobel Looby 100m Freestyle Bronze Mia Sum 200IM Bronze
Roma Vrijhof 50m Freestyle Bronze Freya Goddard 200IM Bronze
Aliyah Glas 200m Freestyle Bronze Selma Abughazaleh 100 Freestyle Bronze
Freya Goddard 100m Fly Bronze
Freya Goddard 200m Backstroke Bronze