May 232017
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Giving Back

During the Spring Term, each Form Tutor group at the Senior School worked together to collect and fill at least two rucksacks. Students were invited to gather tea, sugar, oil, shower gel, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels, socks, blankets, pens, notebooks, tennis balls and playing cards to fill each rucksack. Some students felt particularly passionate about the project and decided to individually donate and pack rucksacks by themselves. In total, over 140 rucksacks were collected!

On Saturday 13 May, nine Community Service Captains and three members of staff visited the migrant workers at the GPZ Labour Camp in Riffa. In the morning, the students met at school, and worked together to check each rucksack and ensure that items had been distributed equally between the bags. They packed all of the rucksacks onto a bus and made their way to the Labour Camp. Upon their arrival, students were greeted by volunteers from the Migrant Workers Protection Society (MWPS). The workers living at the camp were already lining up in preparation for the students’ arrival. The Community Service Captains quickly organised a distribution system and soon, each migrant worker had received a rucksack. The timing of this appeal could not have come soon enough. The volunteers from the MWPS explained that the workers at this camp had all lost their jobs in December and had been unpaid since. The students were shocked by this and commented that “it’s amazing how something so small can make sure a difference to someone’s day”. Once again, this project has been a huge success and has featured the whole of the Senior School working together to help others. Well done to everyone!