May 232017
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People Who Help Us!


Nursery had a visit from Manama Fire Brigade. They brought along their brand new yellow fire truck for all the children to explore. The firefighters showed the children all of the different tools and appliances they use for their job. The children were fascinated by the hoses, the heavy cutters, the siren and the helmets. The highpoint of the day was when a firefighter sprinkled us all from the hose. There were spontaneous yells of delight rallying around the playground. The children and most of the teachers surrendered to the lure of the water, as they splashed and wallowed in the fantastic fun!

As part of our learning about how people help us, the Nursery recently enjoyed a visit from an International Hospital ambulance. The children were particularly interested in this subject and had lots of interesting ideas on how doctors and nurses help us. The children displayed a keen interest in the ambulance and the equipment inside. Later in the day, the children took part in role play and dressed up in uniforms and made each other better again.