Mar 202018
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There’s Nothing Like Team Spirit

Year 1 and 2 kicked off the Sports Days this year with an amazing show of skills. They beat the keeper with every football shot; dribbled their way to scoring in the basketball nets, and hockey goals; and demonstrated some fabulous aiming in the target games. It was a tense time awaiting the results! Kestrel won the trophy in Year 1, while Osprey pipped them to the post in Year 2.


Year 1
1st Kestrel Football winners Kestrel
2nd Merlin Basketball winners Falcon
3rd Falcon Hockey winners Merlin
4th Osprey Ball Throw winners Osprey


Year 2
1st Osprey Football winners Merlin
2nd Kestrel Basketball winners Osprey
3rd Merlin Hockey winners Kestrel
4th Falcon Ball Throw winners Falcon

Nursery and Reception Sports Days followed with great enthusiasm. Nursery paraded in their class coloured teams, while Reception scored points at several activities. One House Captain was heard to say “they have real premiership potential” at the football activity!

Well done to everyone! You’ve entertained us all in 4 fantastic Sports Days! Don’t forget to follow the Primary PE Department on twitter @stchrisppe