Mar 202018
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Active Collaboration

Every year, our Year 12 IB Science students are given the challenge of working collaboratively to produce a piece of Science research on a selected topic, a skill that is required in the workplace for effective communication.  Students were organised into interdisciplinary groups to plan scientific research on the topic of sporting events. The choice of research topic was entirely decided by the students themselves. The three different groups decided to explore the following:

1) The energy content of food.

2) Does heavier clothing reduce running speeds?

3) How does caffeine affect reaction time?

4) Testing the insulating properties of clothing in real world conditions.

Students were actively engaged in two full days of experimental work collecting data. Their findings were then presented to Mr Wilson, Head of Senior School, staff and fellow IB Diploma students. All students spoke with clarity about their research topic and the content of the presentation was well received.