May 232018
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Swimming for the Gold

On Saturday 12 May, 250 swimmers took on the St Chris Swim Champs Challenge and competed against each other for the prestigious high point trophies. There were swimmers representing eight different teams/clubs/schools. The standard was high and the new swimmers to our squad seemed to take everything in their stride, overcoming their nerves and performing well. Our more experienced swimmers swam to their potential.

Thank you so much to all the volunteers who gave up their time to support the swimming department.

Congratulations to all those who won medals and gained personal best times. The following swimmers left holding the silverware!

Mara Lluch 1st place 8 and under
Alessia Nagy 2nd place 8 and under
Ileana Cornee 3rd place 8 and under
Saud Akhtar 2nd place 8 and under
Laith Akhtar 3rd place 8 and under
Klara Mareschova 1st place 9-10
Faris Saleh 1st place 9-10
Sarah Stewart 3rd place 11-12
Slade Camara 1st place 11-12
Arabella Rushton 1st place 13-14