May 232018
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Learning About Universities

On Thursday 26 April, representatives from four prestigious USA universities visited St Christopher’s School to present to Year 11 and Year 12 students and parents. The universities were: Columbia University, Dartmouth College, University of Pennsylvania and Yale University. The representatives gave an overview of what is on offer from each university and talked about what distinguishes them from other universities. There was a chance for a Q & A session after the presentation. The students were highly appreciative of this opportunity as they found getting first hand contact with university admissions staff very beneficial.

Student Feedback:

“The presentation was very dynamic and eye-opening to the academic, social and extra-curricular aspects of each university. I learnt so much about the breadth and diversity of courses offered, for example Columbia’s core philosophy class taken alongside any major. The talk provided great insight into the extensive research facilities at Yale, the small community feel at Dartmouth, and the vast double major opportunities at Penn.” Lana Ladki, Year 12 student.

“The presentation was substantially informative and helped me gain a wider perspective on what to look for in university choices. It helped me gain a more specific idea of where I would like to end up depending on factors like location, atmosphere and courses I would like to take. One of the most intriguing parts of the meeting was the presentation for University of Pennsylvania, I gained a historical background of the university that I was previously unaware of. In addition, the different colleges within the university that we were told about helped me gain more ideas for careers to pursue in the future.” Afaf Sidani, Year 12 student