May 232018
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Splashing Around

The week of 6 May started with a splash with the Year 3 and Year 4 Inter-House Swimming Gala. Swimmers participated in a variety of fun relays and individual races. We saw frog-boards, motorbikes, hoops, water-polo swimming and shooting, sinkers and shared noodle races. There was also a combination of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, a challenge of 2 width freestyle relay for Year 3 and a medley relay including all four strokes for Year 4. It was great to witness all abilities enter the water to gain valuable points for their House.

Congratulations to the following houses:

Year 3

1st Place         Merlin

2nd Place        Osprey

3rd Place         Kestrel

4th Place         Falcon

Year 4

1st Place         Falcon

2nd Place        Osprey

3rd Place         Merlin

4th Place         Kestrel