Oct 162019
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Written by Mr Bazzouz

On Thursday 26 September 2019, St Christopher’s Senior School celebrated French Day. The aim of which was to give the St Chris community a taste of French culture.

The School Hall looked like a ballroom on the 14th of July, with its flags and various decorations, and the Eiffel Tower standing gloriously in the middle of the room. The students donned their blue, white and red clothes to honour France’s colours. Caricaturists exhibited their skills. The smell of fresh crepes, sandwichs au fromage, croissants, pain au chocolat and mille-feuilles filled the air, giving the School Hall its unique Gallic fragrance.

The students, with a slight touch of insouciance, danced to the songs of Willy William, Maitre Gims or Stromae, while in the corridor Lydia Wapshaka, Lilo and Deena Al Dahwy, Hannah Miles, Asma Le Falher, Sulaf Al Jabal and Aseel Al Jabal played and sang some beautiful French tunes.

We would like to thank all those who have helped make French day a very special day, Carrefour and Novotel for sponsoring, and Nadia Le Falher for her invaluable help.

For a moment in time, many students admitted that they all felt like they were somewhere else.