Oct 162019
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Written by Mr Marshall

Ancient Egypt Day is one of the most memorable days in Y3. All children in the year group – and the staff! – looked resplendent in their colourful costumes. We played host to Pharaohs, Queens, mummies and slaves – but all were able to take part in, and enjoy, a range of exciting activities.

After the traditional press call, the children rotated around a carousel of Ancient-Egypt themed activities. We were all busy making bookmarks on genuine papyrus, solving some fiendish Egpytian mathematical puzzles, and demonstrating our creativity in a number of role play activities. Many enjoyed playing our life-sized human board game: Hittites versus Egyptians! Another highlight for many was a trip into the tomb of Tutankhamun – very atmospheric, and helping us understand the feelings Howard Carter might have experienced back in 1922…

In amongst all this, was a fantastic feast which the children shared.

Let’s thank the Ancient Egyptians for giving us the Pyramids of Giza and an exciting curriculum!

“It is brilliant seeing history being brought to life in such a fun way!”