Oct 162019
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Written by Mr Bazzouz

Two students, Safa Salman and Katie Van Der List, were the fortunate recipients of the prestigious Jules Verne Scholarship awarded by the French Embassy. They spent two weeks in Nice in August 2019. All scholarship recipients on the island were then invited on Sunday 22 September to a ceremony at the French Embassy in Bahrain to share their impressions on their stay in France with family, friends and teachers.  Here is their account of their linguistic and cultural experience on the Cote d’Azur.

“It was overall an amazing experience, which I definitely benefited from greatly and I learnt things that you could only learn by being completely immersed in the language. It taught me confidence for sure, but also independence, and I am extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity.”

Katie Van Der List 11C

“My experience in Azurlingua was truly life changing, not only did I become more confident when speaking french, but also it gave me the chance to make new friends from all across the world and to be completely immersed in the language and culture.”

Safa Salman 11D