Nov 132019
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Written by Mr Wilkins

The Primary school celebrated the  Revolution Day in November. There was a fantastic range of food based activities and cooking demonstrations. Pupils baked healthy dishes from scratch at home to sell, to help raise money for the school cleaner’s day out. We raised a very generous  BD 498.

Special thanks to Chipa for their interactive games and Seed for their delicious juice drinks. We were delighted the Farmer’s market could attend alongside Ready, get set Cook with their healthy snacks for the children to try.

There were healthy eating ideas as well as stand showing the amount of fat and sugar in popular drinks and fast food. The children had a very knowledgeable and enjoyable visit to our Food Revolution Day. There was also a food photography competition organised by Mrs Dales  with some stunning entries. The Year 4 and 5 pupils also made healthy juices in Cafe 61 as part of their DT lessons in the week.

Also many thanks to our super parent helpers on the day and for the pupils who baked at home.