Nov 132019
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Written by Ms Lambert

This year’s Health & Fitness Week was jam packed with new and exciting activities. We kicked off the week with Venky, our favourite Bollywood dancer who got us energised for the week ahead. Lift and Khalid from Bahrain Bootcamps also took to the stage in the mornings to get us physical on the Tiger Turf. Mr Wilkin’s Food Revolution Day was both informative and tasty, with some amazing juicing lessons throughout the week in Cafe61. Mr Holness taught the children everything he knows on the basketball court and SPARTA came into PE lessons to introduce children to rugby, cardio tennis, handball and football. PE lessons saw the launch of Tchoukball, which is a great game involving aiming, catching and the need for reaction time. Break times were also packed with Beat the Teacher Challenges for Reception through to Year 6. Our school nurses and dentist, Dr Ruby, taught the children about the body with some fabulous interactive activities. Fun and laughter resounded around the school when our resident laughing guru, Mathew, brought laughter into our lives in the form of Laughing Zumba and Laughing Yoga. To finish off the week, Miss Lambert posed the question “what does it mean to be healthy?” in her round-up assembly. A video of the week was shown and some challenges were set. In all it’s been a fabulous week. Well done to everyone who had a go at everything on offer!