Nov 132019
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Written by Mr O’Dowd

This year saw the largest ever Thailand Trip with a cohort of 69 students and 8 staff making their way to Chiang Mai. Now in its 13th year, the community service trip to Thailand involves students raising money which is then used in a range of projects including building facilities in village schools, student sponsorship and our ongoing involvement in the regions first school for students with physical and learning disabilities, Thomas House.

Our building work this year was across two schools; a nursery and an infant school. We laid floors and foundations for new school buildings funded by St Chris. Furthermore, our excellent fundraising efforts now mean we sponsor 23 Thai students through their education, including our second student to make it through to university as a result of our sponsorship. Ohm, who will study teaching at Bristol University, was presented with a laptop purchased for her through St Chris charity donations, an essential item for a first year University Student.

The trip was a great success. Staff and students worked tirelessly and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings of Thailand in between their hard work.