Dec 112012
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Running Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Many congratulations to the students who finished in 41st place in an impressive time of 3hr 47 minutes and thank you to all parents who managed to get their sons or daughters to the right place at the right time. Thanks also to the reserves who were ready and waiting, especially Nial Alborshaid who waited patiently at the start in case he was needed. The Staff teams proved a little difficult to put together this year with injury and illness conspiring to deplete the ranks. Eventually, we had sufficient runners to fill two staff teams, albeit with 21 runners to complete 32 stages.  The staff A team finished in 3hrs and 25 minutes. This was only 6 minutes down on our record set in 2011 and despite only finishing in 19th place, we once again won the Schools and Colleges trophy. The B team did exceptionally well despite last minute changes to the squad. A time of 4 hrs 04minutes saw them finish in 68th place. A big thanks must go to those who helped on the day. Zahida Aziz-Khan, Jo Lee, and Lizzie Banks supported all the teams and carried out a vital role in making sure those who were running more than one stage arrived on time.

Student  Team

Karim Abu Khadra, Charlie Sissons, Reece Guyon, Remy Officer, Georgine Botha, Natalie Myatt, Khadir Rangooni, Gavin Wilkie, Lamis McDowall-Rose, Jack Hambleton, Marc Kalis, Sami Shamma, Raul Vlajic, Nicole Moir, Manal Makhdum, Almass Mubarak.

Senior Staff A Team

Tom Vaughan, Rachel Sangala, Emily Galloway, Peter Cunningham, John Myatt, Billy Goldring, Nick Wilson, Mark Little, Kevin Stuart, Ali Goucem

Senior Staff B Team

Richard Dixon-Clarke, Tom Vaughan, Rola Hammoud, Tom Pollard, Jude Little, Paul Walters, John Myatt, Janet Quigley, Jamel Bazzouz, Tom Shorrock, Paula Carr, Emily Galloway, Kerri Page, Mark Little, Stuart Dodson.