Dec 112012
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A break from the Daily Grind…

Fletcher, Dhruv and Ayan

As the 1st term in the Year ground almost to an end, the Arabic Coffee Mornings came along to perk the children up for the final push towards the winter holidays.

Each class took it in turns to dress in authentic Bahraini clothing that they had been learning about earlier in the term. Once they were all suitably attired and the teachers got into their Thobes and Jalabiyas, the children went to the Majlis at the end of the Activity Street and sat chatting with their friends and espresso themselves while they were served Arabic Coffee and Chai with dates and Arabic biscuits. They also made sure to say ‘Shukran’  and ‘Afwan’ when they had their drinks and snacks. Soon it was time to freshen their hands with rose water, before the oud was lit and passed round, signalling the time to leave and return once again to the classrooms.

During his Coffee Morning, Faisal in 1B said ‘this is the best day ever! I love school!’

Zahra, Latifa and Zara

Suri and Livvy

This has bean a fabulous experience for the children in Year 1 and a chance for our Arabic children to proudly share their knowledge of Bahraini heritage and culture with children in their class from all around the world. We just hope that all that coffee drinking did not cause the children a latte late nights this week!

The children will follow up the activity with a written recount of their experience as their Arabic Coffee Mornings are bound to have set their minds brewing not just one, but pots of ideas!

Faisal and Nicholas