Dec 112012
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A Fruitastic Day

The children and staff of Year 1, along with lots of willing parent volunteers, spent two glorious mornings in one of Bahrain’s biggest and most well known purveyors of fine quality groceries…Geant!

The purpose was to allow the children to carefully select and purchase fruit for a fruit salad that they had been planning during their design and technology project. With the emphasis in Year 1 being on autonomy and independence, a very hands off approach was taken to allow the children to choose, carry, weigh, take to the checkout, pay and then bring their shopping back to the bus. All those in attendance were then treated to a small bag of pastries and cakes. Bakery manager Rabin said, “We wanted to reward the children for behaving so well.”

Upon their return to school, the children worked away furiously, cutting, chopping and mixing to perfect their fruit salad before evaluating their designs in terms of taste and how close their finished product matched their initial design.