Dec 112012
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Top Note

St Christopher’s musicians dominated the recent Bahrain Young Performers Festival held on 27-29 November. All finalists in the Level 2 and Level 3 competition came from St Christopher’s with William Caley and Raoul D’Souza taking first prizes respectively.

William Caley

Raoul D’Souza

In addition, our Senior Girls Choir won the Choir competition with their polished rendition of With Or Without You closely pipping our Senior Mixed Choir’s performance of Seasons Of Love. Phoebe Rennie won the Composer competition, DGCAC (Gabby Liandu, Robyn Durnford, Chris Egan, Ali Jasem & Callum Haggarty) won the Rock Band Competition and Senior Saxophones (William Caley, Marc Kalis, Bassam Al Alawi amd Raoul D’Souza) won the Ensemble Competition. It was a stunning effort and a well-deserved set of results from our young musical performers.

Back from Left: Basma Mohamed, Nada Salman, Nermada Venkateshwaran, Sofia Cortes Murra,
Alexandria Andrews and Riva Kapoor

Middle from Left: Alya AlTarief, Rania Mattar, Manal Al Tareef, Rebecca Marr, Phoebe Rennie and Gabby Liandu
Front from Left: Heba Ghandour, Alaw Meleri, Karina Shethia, Cecilie Blankholm, Talia Sahin and Sofie Blankholm

Our Junior Choir, ‘Souls of singing’ gave a fantastic rendition of Building by Richard Stilgoe. Year 4 students said afterwards, that they really enjoyed the experience. It was a fantastic effort. Well done to everyone who took part and a huge ‘Thank You’ goes to everyone involved for making  this such a successful event for St Christopher’s School.

Infant and Junior Choir

Gabby Al Sugair, William Caley and Alaw Meleri

Scarlet Robinson, Raoul D’Souza
and Bassam Al Alawi

William Caley

Phoebe Rennie



From Left: Chris Egan, Robyn Durnford, Ali Jasem, Gabby Lianu and Callam Haggarty

Level 2


1. William Caley (Saxophone) St Christopher’s

2. Alaw Meleri (Voice) St Christopher’s

3. Leila Al Sugair (Violin) St Christopher’s

Level 3


1. Raoul D’Souza (Violin) St Christopher’s

2. Scarlet Robinson (Voice) St Christopher’s

3. Bassam Al Alawi (Saxophone) St Christopher’s



1. St Christopher’s Senior Girls’ Choir

2. St Christopher’s Senior Mixed Choir

3. Vocalzone BSB APA



1. Phoebe Rennie (St Christopher’s)

2. Gabby Liandu (St Christopher’s)

2. James Liandu (BSB)



1. St Christopher’s Senior Saxophones

2. St Christopher’s Arnold Brass

3. St Christopher’s Senior Strings

Rock Band


1. DGCAC (St Christopher’s)

2. GPJ (BSB)

3. Against The Tide (St Christopher’s)

From Left: Raoul D’Souza, William Caley, Marc Kalis and Bassam Al Alawi

Alaw Meleri