Jun 042013
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Renewal and Rebirth

A group of 48 outstanding students from Year 4 and Year 5 were rewarded for their hard work and effort in DT and Art. They were selected to have a private viewing of the RE Exhibition by Giuse Maggi, one of four artists exhibiting their work at the Waterline Gallery, Bahrain Financial Harbour.

The RE Exhibition presents the work of artists whose choice and use of materials convey their affinity towards concepts of renewal and rebirth; their work giving recognition to that which is often tossed aside. The students were challenged to question the consumerism of modern day life, where we seek the new and cast aside the old. Lying under a huge installation of plastic bottles was a particular highlight.

The pupils were amazed at how materials can be re-used creatively, such as a plastic bag tapestry, and the exhibition has inspired them to reduce, reuse and recycle!

Each student received a beautiful handmade gift, after promising the artist that they would use recyclable materials to inspire them in their next project. We look forward to seeing the result.