Jun 042013
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For the students participating in the GCSE, AS and A Level Art Exhibition, the opening night must be resonant of the moment when an athlete steps onto the podium to receive a medal. The long and sometimes arduous road has been completed, and it is a time to bask in the rays of compliments and superlatives as friends, relatives and teachers gaze admiringly upon the work.

After endeavouring to meet the considerable demands of their respective courses while demonstrating innovation, creativity and technical skill, it is a deserved opportunity to reflect with pride on the fruition of all those artistic labours.

Art 2013 was opened by His Excellency, British Ambassador to Bahrain, Iain Lindsay who, along with Nick Wilson, spoke in glowing terms about the remarkable skill and diversity on display in the work all three Year groups. Well done to all the GCSE, AS and A Level Art students – you all deserve a gold medal!