Jun 042013
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The Romans are Coming!

The fateful afternoon of Tuesday 14 May will live on in the memories of the children and staff of Year 3, as it was the day of the Roman invasion of St Christopher’s School!

The dreadful sound of marching feet echoed down the corridors and activity streets as the legions and their supporters marched into classrooms and imposed Roman law in Year 3.

The activity street was already full of Roman shields and interesting research related to many different aspects of the Roman way of life. A luxurious Roman dining room (complete with a beautiful mosaic) and a fully-equipped garrison had also been established at the far end of the street.

The afternoon saw the rampaging Romans claim the Infant Hall for the glory of Rome and a wondrous feast was held in celebration, complete with delicious food and marvellous entertainment. The children reclined on cushions and were served by their slaves – their teachers and teaching assistants!

Delightful Roman music played throughout the event as the children enjoyed a valuable learning experience.