Jun 042013
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Count on us!

At St Christopher’s you really can count on the students and teachers to make maths a fun and rewarding experience.

From tiny three and four year olds, who are just learning what these strange symbols mean, to amazing  mathematicians who can manipulate numbers at ease in Year 6, the journey is a long one!

Here is a snapshot into the amazing progress that these children make.

You will find Nursery children, such as little Natalie from NB, with colourful Numicon shapes, which help make this abstract concept of counting “real”. Reception children, such as Ted enjoy number work , “I like maths,” he declared, “It’s sometimes hard and sometimes easy!”

Further up the school, our older children work together, such as Laura, Jed and Sybil, who use cubes to solve complex investigations. Finally Year 6 students Amber and Haya represent the final St Christopher Primary School product: confident, independent children, unafraid to attempt the unknown and ready for more mathematical challenges in Year 7!