May 282015
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Top Performance!


On Tuesday 28 May, the Cantata singers represented St Christopher’s School by performing at a prestigious event at the British Embassy. The Embassy asked the Choir to sing the Bahrain and British National Anthems at the beginning of their event to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday. On the morning of the event, the Choir visited the Embassy to rehearse in the performance space in the garden. The initial request involved the singers performing each anthem with a backing track. However, whilst practising their four-part harmonies, the British Ambassador and his wife came over to listen and requested that the singers perform a cappella at the event. Mr and Mrs Lindsay told Miss Lewin that they were blown away by the singers, and that no other Choir had ever been asked to sing without a backing track. Mrs Lindsay commented on the fact that the singers’ versions of the anthems made her feel a little bit teary! On Tuesday evening, the singers assembled in the Ambassador’s dining room to warm up for their performance. They were then guided through the building to the performance space where they were greeted by an audience of 650 people. After the arrival of a large crowd of photographers, cameramen, security guards and Guests of Honour, including Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the second son to the King, and Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammad al Khalifa, the Foreign Minister, the singers performed their a cappella versions of both anthems. The Cantata Choir have received a great deal of positive feedback following this performance and were praised for their pronunciation of the words in the Bahrain National Anthem. Particular credit must be given to Gabby Liandu in Year 12 for her help in teaching the Arabic and anthem melody to the singers during rehearsals. Well done to all singers in the Cantata Choir – you are all stars!