May 282015
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The Final Debate



The final of the Year 7 Debating Tournament was held on Tuesday 19 May with Miss Miller, Mr Harper and Ms Friar adjudicating. A large audience of staff and students came to watch Luke Bennett, Kamilah El Kanfoudi and Eyaan Roomi (7D2) versus Tom Milnes, Riddhiman Mehra and Nabeel Husain (7E1). The motion was ‘THBT censorship does more harm than good’ and the negative team (7E1) won. Both teams were exceptionally well prepared and conducted themselves with high levels of professionalism. The teams had to pass through three weeks of opening rounds, a semi-final and quarter-final so both teams had worked very hard to get to the final round and they certainly put on a good show for the audience. A huge congratulations to 7E1 and thank you to all of the staff that helped to make this event possible.