May 282015
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Keeping us Safe

In April, the Year 2 children visited the Isa Town Fire Station to see what a firefighter has to do for their job as part of their Great Fire of London history topic.

The firefighters talked to the children about all the important clothing a firefighter has to wear; trousers and boots, jacket, belt and gloves, and a hard helmet to protect their head.  They saw what happens when the emergency bell rings and the firefighters have to put on all their safety clothing after sliding down the pole.


The children were then shown the fire engine in action and the siren was so loud! The children enjoyed finding out about all the different types of equipment the fire fighters have access to inside the fire engine and including all the hoses and water pumps that are kept inside the vehicle. They also all had the chance to use one of the hoses and put out a real fire!


It was a fantastic trip and the children thought that it would be a great to work as a firefighter!

We all had a brilliant time and the children all said a huge thank you at the end of their amazing visit!