Feb 242016
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One Way to Paradise … Up!

Once again, a group of alpine enthusiasts departed for the slopes of Torgon in Switzerland. Following a brief stop in Abu Dhabi and a delayed arrival in Geneva, we embarked on the (what should have been) a short coach journey to the resort. The bus getting stuck on the mountain road made for an interesting start to the week but every other aspect of the trip went like clockwork. The ski conditions were excellent which all students enjoyed and all the group improved their ski ability. There were many beginner skiers who can now perform controlled turns on a range of slopes and every other ability right up to expert level and who explored many challenging slopes in and around Torgon, Chatel, Chappelle and Morgins.

SKI Trip

In addition to evening activities such as disco and a visit to the thermal baths, we were treated to a stunning light and firework display in the village.

Like all trips, it came to an end and we were sorry to leave the resort on Friday morning to begin the journey home. Everyone was tired with the odd aching limb but all buoyed by the memories of such a wonderful week on the slopes. Needless to say, our booking for 2017 will be made almost as soon as we get home.

Ski Trip2

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