Feb 242016
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From the Horse’s Mouth

One of the most successful and important events of the Year 9 Enrichment programme took place on 8 February in the Sports Hall: Year 9 Meets Year 10. This event provided the opportunity for Year 9 students to get a feel for the courses from the point of view of the Year 10s, who have already commenced their GCSE courses. All subjects on the curriculum were represented: core examination subjects such as English and Mathematics, as well as all option subjects and non-examined compulsory subjects.


The Year 10 students represented their subjects extremely well, providing a lot of practical information for the Year 9 students. Students were able to see examples of Year 10 work, including some Art Portfolio work brought by Julia Hashem and Luke Wilson’s Music anthology. All this was very useful in helping Year 9 finalise their decisions about which options to choose for their GCSEs next year. In fact, a few students actually changed their decisions on the basis of what they heard in the Enrichment session. This should all mean that Year 9 are fully informed about the options for next year.