Feb 242016
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To Redevelop or not to Redevelop, that is the Question 


On the year 9 Geography field trip, all of Year 9 got to go to the Manama Souq with their class in order to collect the data that we need to complete our internal assessment that we will being working on until the end of term. This year, the question that we are investigating is ‘Should the rest of the Manama Souq be Redeveloped?’. We also have two hypotheses, firstly, ‘The redeveloped area of Manama Souq has a higher environmental quality than the original undeveloped area’, and the second being one of our choice. We were in pairs, and together we collected traffic and pedestrian counts, shopkeeper and shopper questionnaires (to get their opinion about how the redevelopment has affected the souq), field sketches and photos (to compare the two areas), as well as data on the types of shops in both the developed and undeveloped areas.


Using the data that we have gathered, we can either support or reject our hypotheses, in order to make a final judgment on our question. After we had finished, we also got some time to eat, shop and walk around the souq with our class. In addition to practising our skills for our IGCSE, this trip was an excellent opportunity to experience the souq (for those who have not previously been), to find out more about it and how we could improve it, in depth, along with being able to enjoy it with our class and friends, leaving us with some long-lasting memories. So, all in all, this trip is highly useful and enjoyable, and I am sure that all the future Year 9s will have as much fun as we did. ~ Sarah Roos 9C