Apr 272016
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For the fourth consecutive year, St Christopher’s Senior School has hosted an extravaganza of quizzing excellence in which nearly 300 students and teachers pitted their brains against each other. The event began, as ever, with a qualifying round in December with 59 student teams and 6 teacher teams taking part. The tricky questions included Current Affairs, Sport and Games, Arts and Entertainment and Science. Then came the knockout stages, with three more months of head-to-head action as the teams were whittled down to a final, held on Thursday 7 April.  The match was the most exciting in Brains of Bahrain history and Consistently Inconsistent emerged victorious. Mr Harper would like to congratulate the winning team: Charlie Moulder, William Mattar, Salman Khan and Nicolas Kalis on their triumph. Also, massive thanks to all the helpers that made it possible and the huge support from all the student and staff participants.