Apr 272016
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Desert Survival


On Tuesday 5 April, 26 intrepid Year 6 St Chris Award students travelled to the UAE to test their survival skills in the desolate dunes of the UAE desert. For three days and nights, the students were pushed to their limits physically and emotionally. They hiked at night through sand dunes looking for wild animals and creepy-crawlies, scaled the heady heights of the climbing wall and had great fun on the water kayaking, raft building and snorkelling.


Many essential survival skills were learned including: how to survive the desert nights under canvas; how to build and light fires with a flint and cotton wool and how to construct a shelter using everyday items. On our final day, adrenaline was pumping whilst sand boarding down the dunes. A great deal was learned on the trip by all students and everyone had a fun and exciting time. Many new friendships were forged and lasting memories were created.