Apr 272016
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Music with Military Precision


On Monday 25 May, musicians from the Royal Marines paid a visit to St Christopher’s Senior School. They were made up of a Brass Quintet and a Drum and Bugle Corps. The Brass Quintet started the concert with a Philip Sousa March and continued with the theme from the Pink Panther. The Drum Corp then entered the side of the hall parading and playing the drums before stopping and performing on Bugles. One of the Marines then invited a student and teacher to drum – battle on stage, copying the drummers, to see who could impress. Qays Mitchell and Miss Hill were brought to the front, complete with Marine uniform, to see who would win. At the end, Qays received rapturous applause, and both should be congratulated on their drumming techniques and nerve! After this amazing exhibition from the musicians the Drum Corp threw themselves into curriculum music, helping students with drumming and rhythms, whilst the Brass Quintet joined with St Chris Arnold Brass to practise for the Queen’s Birthday Party at the Embassy and also a performance at City Centre at the end of the week. This was an amazing morning of music and collaboration with the Royal Marines. Everyone who witnessed their skills and warmth will surely remember their visit for some time to come.