Nov 232016
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Writing for All

The “Writing Week” in the Arabic department this year took place from 13-17 November. During the week beginning Sunday 13 November, the Arabic staff were very busy planning lots of activities for the week that would help to encourage the children to continue to have a love of writing and reading in Arabic. Our Writing Week theme this year was ‘Writing for all’ and each Year group in the Senior School worked on a variety of different ideas to improve the skill of writing. During the week, many exciting activities and events around school and within classrooms took place.


A number of Writing booklets have been prepared for this year to encourage students to write the Arabic language for enjoyment and benefit for all. The students showed their love for their national language through perseverance and interaction with their teachers. The staff in the Arabic Department were concentrating on the skill of writing through enjoyable and beneficial activities to raise the standards of students in this highly important skill of language acquisition as it is considered to be one of the basic skills in Arabic language learning bearing in mind that all examinations concentrate on the two skills of reading and writing. In this respect, I reiterate the fact that the family plays a vital role in encouraging the students to write as this plants the seeds of loving the language of the Quran. The H ead of Senior School visited some of the these activities and praised the staff and students for their efforts and I thank the staff of the Arabic department in the Senior School for their great efforts (Mrs Radwan, Mrs Al Omar, and Mrs Rehab) in making this week a great success for all our students. Well done to all of you!