Nov 232016
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Smiles all Around

On Sunday 13 November, the Whole School celebrated World Kindness Day.


At the Infant and Junior Schools children, parents, maids and drivers were welcomed at the gates by our Kindness Club who ensured everyone’s day got off to a happy start with messages of good cheer and little gifts of kindness.


At the Senior School the Community Service Captains lead and organised activities for the event. In the morning, a team of service captains greeted students upon their arrival into school to wish them a ‘Happy World Kindness Day’ and gave them a happy stamp on their hand. At break time, card stalls were set up in a variety of locations across the school where students and teachers could come to design a card and arrange for it to be delivered to a friend.


The card stalls were very popular and the community service captains were overwhelmed with deliveries to organise during registration the following day. Cards were decorated with a variety of different messages and illustrations to wish people happiness and good wishes.


This was a wonderful, student-led event that involved students and staff from across the Whole School.