Nov 232016
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St Christopher’s Teams Set the Pace


Staff from the Infant and Junior Schools (plus a couple of ‘special guests’!) once again put their best feet forward by running in this year’s Bahrain Marathon Relay. Each year, this race is organised by the Bahrain Round Table and makes a significant amount of money for local charities and the staff from Saar were delighted to support it.

Of course, becoming running sensations does not occur overnight and both teams had to invest a significant amount of time in talking about how they were eventually going to do some training. In some cases, these empty promises went on for weeks – an admirable dedication to the cause.

The day itself was very hot but, with scant regard for personal safety, the teams did themselves proud with some very impressive performances. Once again it was Nurse Sandy’s team who took the honours, defeating Mr van der Eyken’s team by virtually a calendar month. However, results aside, it was a fabulous day and the staff were thrilled to once again be part of such agonising torture….I mean such a fantastic sporting occasion.

Pledges of training for the 2017 event are already being made in the staffroom even now. Not that they will come to anything…

St Christopher’s Senior School had two student teams entered in the relay. Our A Team students were: Charlie Sissons, Louis Mulleague. Brad Finch, Vince Vrijhof, Miles Marshall, Kieran Hanahoe, Kizzy Price, Jamie Price and Aisha Degia. Most of these ran two stages and their times were impressive, particularly in the hot and humid conditions. The finish time was similar to last year: 3:19:45 and 16th overall, although, unfortunately, they were given a time penalty as one of the change-overs was 100m beyond the handover box and officially finished near the bottom of the entries; disappointing, but these things happen.


Our B team, consisting mainly of KS3 students, finished 131st overall in a time of 4:44:09; again similar to last year.  Running in the team were Kathleen Holland, Charlotte Nicolas, Louis Mulleague, Celine Abuzahra, Nabeel Husain, Balint Jaszberenyi, Chai Prakash, Luanga Kasanga, Madelyn Harrison-Mirfield, Rohin Bhownick, Anil Abi-Farrage, Aya Abi-Farrage, Lucas Watson, Aisha Degia, Nadine Elkhatib and Zach Shamma.  They were all in position on time, ran as hard as they could and should be proud of the contribution they made towards this team event.

Congratulations to all staff and students that took part in the Marathon Relay.