Mar 222017
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Debate, Debate

On Saturday 4 March 2017, Year 12 students, Amartya Sarkar and Nazar Yousef, competed in the inaugural BIBF Banking and Finance Debating Competition. The competition rules were varied slightly to that of traditional debating, with just five minute speeches, no points of information and just a team of two, with one team member speaking twice to complete the three speeches for each team. On what was an extremely rainy morning, six schools turned up to debate economic topics. Amartya and Nazar were the Affirmative side of the motion “THBT VAT is a good thing”. After many hours of research and preparation, as well as strong speeches and counter arguments, we triumphed against the Noor School in our debate and earned the greatest amount of points out of all the schools, subsequently winning the title. The students were very privileged and proud to have taken part as well as being successful in what is a great initiative to educate students and allow them further insight and experience into the Banking and Financial World. It was a great experience and will prove to be very helpful in the future, allowing both Amartya and Nazar to develop their argument skills and knowledge of economic topics. They strongly recommend others interested in the field to sign up in the future and get involved. Amartya and Nazar would gladly do it again, and are already preparing to defend the School’s title next year.