Mar 222017
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Blown Away by Bahrain Bay!

In a tradition dating back almost twelve months, Year 5 embarked upon their annual field study trip to Bahrain Bay. Beautiful weather had purposefully been laid on and the children were on a mission to learn and enjoy. This ‘regular’ visit not only helps bring the curriculum alive, but provides us with an opportunity to use the outdoor classroom – the nearest we can get to a ‘forest school’. We at St Christopher’s School are grateful to Bahrain Bay for their warm welcome and willingness to support the children’s learning.

Our first stop was at the Arcapita HQ Building, the first substantial building on the plot of reclaimed land known as Bahrain Bay. Here, the children were treated to a most interesting presentation by the Development Director, Ken Sweeney. The children listened and were able to demonstrate their understanding by asking a series of pertinent questions: How is land reclaimed from the sea? Who were the architects of the grand design? How many waffles can you eat in half an hour?

Then, waffles in hand, and with a liberal coating of chocolate sauce, the children had the chance to explore the newly-created promenade and observe and discuss the way the island is being transformed and developed. We all admired the stunning architecture of the new buildings and took photographs to use in our geography work back in school. A fine time was had by all.