Mar 222017
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Unlocking Human Potential

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (Trip 2)

From 13 – 17 February, five groups of Year 10 students and 5 members of staff embarked on a journey to Oman to acquire survival skills and also to create strong bonds within their group. All five groups hiked from campsite to campsite, taking a few breaks to rest and enjoy the scenery around them. They undertook this challenge to challenge themselves and to acquire new skills. They battled and conquered both steep and gentle sand dunes beneath the blazing midday sun; they walked and climbed rocks, they cooked their own food, they cleaned their cutlery and washed their own dishes and they packed and pitched their tents. Most importantly, they learnt to be independent. All students successfully completed the required two day and one night camping. They returned stronger mentally and physically. They were all proud of their achievements and learnt a lot from the experience. ~ Maram, Malak & Sumbul – Year 10

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (Trip 3)

38 students and 5 staff travelled to northern Oman to undertake training for the Bronze expedition and to carry out the expedition itself. The training consisted of learning how to use a trangier cooking stove, how to put a tent up and also how to navigate using a GPS. An important health and safety briefing was delivered, reminding the students of how to look after themselves in a challenging terrain and how they have a role in looking after their environment. The terrain was challenging. Huge sand dunes and hot weather made the job of walking for many hours carrying a heavy rucksack difficult. At the end of each day the students had to make camp, putting tents up and cooking an evening meal. The students learned many important things about themselves whilst in Oman and how important it is to be an effective team player. It was a very successful trip and the students were a credit to themselves and St Christopher’s.