Dec 122017
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Move More, Eat Smarter

The moto for this year’s Health & Fitness Week was ‘Move More, Eat Smarter’! And this was certainly promoted throughout the week! This year, the week was busier than ever with stacks of activities on offer each day for the children. Each morning kicked off with a fun, motivational fitness workout from the St Chris Bootcamp who made sure everyone was awake and ready for the day ahead! Each break time was packed with ‘beat the teacher’ challenges that involved a minute of star jumps for the infants and the bleep test for the Juniors. Everyone pushed themselves to the limit with lots of teachers taking on the challenge to keep up with the children! The power of laughter was in full view when Mr Thomas got everyone laughing out loud in his laughing yoga session. It certainly kept everyone motivated for the afternoon.

Everyone had the opportunity to eat smarter when Alosra, Seed and Get Ready, Set, Cook came into school with healthy food samples for everyone to try. Mrs Buhsayen was on hand to give children an idea of how much sugar they may eat without realising it, while Mr Wilkins and Mrs Dales whipped up some fabulous, tasty juices. To compliment our taste buds, the school nurses produced a great interactive healthy game that the children loved playing.

The week was rounded up with an interactive assembly that focussed on the mouth. Children got an insight into the importance of cleaning their teeth; they learnt how their taste buds work and took a closer look at the tongue. Videos showed the week in action and another showed how awesome our bodies are! A massive thank you to everyone who inspired the children to ‘Move More, Eat Smarter’!