Dec 122017
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A Step Back in Time

Wednesday 22 November saw our Year 5 pupils revelling during their Tudor Day.

This was a chance for them to enact what life might have been like in Tudor England and to carry out activities designed to increase their knowledge and understanding of the time. These included creating colourful and well-observed self-portraits of themselves in period-style costumes, role play via hot seating (acting out their adopted Tudor identity) and displaying their subject knowledge by partaking in a challenging online Kahoot quiz based on life in Tudor times.

Royalty, gentry and commoners paraded, danced and made merry at the midday feast. A big thank you to parents for providing the wonderful costumes and to those who generously donated their time and energy to help transform our Junior Hall into a magnificent banqueting hall and to serve the children their delicious cooked meal.

Some lovely examples of the costumes worn by the children throughout Year Five Tudor Day.

Each class in turn performed a musical piece for the enjoyment of the diners. Thank you to the music department for preparing the children for these marvellous interludes.

The merry minstrels did energetically deliver their daintiest ditties on this most festive of occasions.

The teaching staff later performed a shortened version of ‘Greensleeves’ – which is widely-believed to have been composed by Henry VIII for his future queen, Anne Boleyn.

A rewarding, exciting and enjoyable time was experienced by all the children.