Dec 122017
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Year 6 Go Back in Time


As part of their study of the history of Bahrain, Year 6 spent a whole day touring various important historical sites around the island. It is always fun to get out of school on a trip and the excitement was only heightened by the appearance of some light rain showers.

The children visited the National Museum where we were treated to an excellent talk by one of the guides. Rusul from 6C provided the translation from Arabic to English for which some of us were very grateful!

They also toured the Bahrain Fort and the Saar Digs where they saw, at first-hand, evidence of ancient settlements dating back 4000 years. There is no truth in the rumour that Mr Mannings remembers them being built.

At this point the light rain showers decided to become heavy, persistent rain. The teachers searched for cover whilst the children tried to see just how wet they could get. The combined effects of archaeology and meteorology made for a fantastic day!