Dec 122017
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Champs of the Water

On Saturday 2 December, Junior and Senior School swimmers made a splash in the pool and competed in the School Swimming Championships. The event was open to any pupil from Year 3-13 who wanted to battle the water for a medal. Warm-up started at 07:00, which was followed by the first event being the 200m freestyle challenge, the longest event of the competition. There were 140 competitors altogether who competed in up to three events plus the 200m freestyle if they had a qualifying time of less than 04:00 minutes. After event one, the excellent display of technique continued in the backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly races over distances of 50m and 100m. Many of the pupils won medals and a high number of swimmers beat their personal best’s times.

Thank you so much to all those who offered their help to officiate on the day. These events could not run so smoothly without your support.