Feb 122018
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Joining the Team

The swimming department held swim trials during the beginning of Term 2. The standard of swimming was very high and pupils demonstrated their stroke technique and stamina. Pupils were expected to participate in an extended swim, showing stamina and endurance, followed by good stroke technique over 50m in at least three strokes: freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Pupils were then given the opportunity to show their butterfly, or dolphin kick over 25m.

Congratulations to the following swimmers who have been invited to join our St Chris swim team, The Sharks.

Jacob Royle 5C
Isabella Holloway 3C
Emily MacKellar 4C
Alfie Robson 4F
Chloe Parkhurst 3F
Yaseen Ahmed 3C
Iyad Touhami 3B
Iman Sheikh 4E
Emma Finley 3B
Sonya Lee 3A
Toby Royle 3D

Zain Abid 6F
Rafi Little 6B
Nuriye Aamir 5B
Arhaan Anand 4F

Mahek Iyer 9B
Muskaan Iyer 7D
Maria Rangwala 9D

Arrayan Armyghan 9F
Scarlett Bland 7C

Chloe Maxwell 9A