Feb 122018
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A Cultural Visit

This term, in Year 9, the students at St Christopher’s School have been studying Development in Geography: differences between High-Income, Middle-Income and Low-Income Countries and why these countries are in the state that they are; how these Low-Income Countries can be developed; and the pros and cons of smaller scale areas – e.g. slums, suburbs, cities, urban areas etc. – and how they can be redeveloped. Recently, the Geography Department took all the Year 9 Students on a Field Trip to the well-known Bab al Bahrain Manama Souq to put their knowledge and skills about urbanisation and transportation into practice. During the two hours that the students spent there, they had to conduct Environmental Questionnaires, Traffic and Pedestrian Counts, Shopkeeper and Shopper Surveys and Field Sketches to be able to have enough data to provide evidence for the question they had been given: ‘Should Manama Souq be Redeveloped?’ Over the next few weeks, the students will be writing up their data in a report to present two hypotheses according to the results they collected. Each of them will produce their own Google Doc that will be used as their Assessment for their upcoming Interim Report.

Hibah Muzammil 9G