Nov 282012
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On 21 October 2012, the Senior School held its first “Classical Arabic Speaking Week”.

The main aim was to give students the opportunity to develop and practise their classical Arabic (Fos-ha) and link the theory which underpins grammar to practical Arabic activities.

Competitions were held and ideas exchanged when Y11 students shared their knowledge of classical Arabic to their counterparts in Y9, the focus of which centred on translation activities and classical Arabic conversations.

In multicultural assemblies held by Mr Fuad, Head of the Arabic Department, the  emphasis was on the role classical Arabic has played in the development of western cultures and language acquisition, noting that over 300 Arabic words are still commonly used in English.

The week culminated with  each  participating student, wearing their national costume. The colourful array of clothing displayed on the day brought to an end a great week during which staff and students alike, experienced a deep sense of cultural identity, pride and love for the language.