Nov 282012
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Musing at the Museum

Ayan, Dhruv and Fletcher in 1B enjoy the museum together

The children in Year 1 have been looking forward to their very first educational visit since the beginning of the year and were fit to burst by the time it finally came around in mid November. We arrived at the museum on two gloriously sunny days to be met by a plethora of eager parent volunteers, armed to the teeth with the very latest in camera technology. They clicked away from the moment the bus doors opened and by the end of the visit there were enough pictures to fill hundreds of scrapbooks!

Sarah, Elio and Aya in 1E enjoy working together

We found our St Christopher’s logo!

Yash in 1F enjoys the exhibits

The children’s task was to locate several key artifacts within the museums labyrinth-like corridors and passageways, including a copy of one of the Dilmun seals which makes up the St Christopher’s School logo. Sam in 1A said, “I was a museum detective!.”  All the children certainly enjoyed the experience!

With our mission well and truly accomplished, we made our way back to school for a well-deserved snack  after the exhausting day of detective work.