Nov 282012
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A Rainbow of Colours

In the light, after rain.
There are seven of them,
And, each one has a name.

Red is the first
Rainbow colour in the sky.
Orange is next
Like a pumpkin pie.

Yellow is the third,
Lemons come to mind.
Colour four is green,
Think of grassy hills to climb

Blue is colour five,
Like the water in a lake
The sixth is indigo
Blue-grey blends that you can make.

Violet is the colour
Of the last rainbow band.
Violet is flowery;
Like the petals in your hand.

So, wave your arms above you
Cast your colours high
And, try to make a rainbow
Across a cloudy sky

Rainbow Colours by Sharon MacDonald

All the children wore their brightest ‘rainbow outfit’ when they visited each of the Nursery classrooms for numerous and diverse colour experiences, including putting your hands in the red squidgy tomato and spaghetti hoop mixture! Mrs V was very brave but “ooh! It’s disgusting!” she said. A fantastic day was had by all!