Apr 172013
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London Enlightenment

London was one of the best experiences I’ve had so far.  Going on the London Art and Drama trip as a group of seventeen students accompanied by Ms Carr and Mr Mulleague, widened our knowledge of British history, furthered our knowledge on the many different types of Art, and gave us an up close and personal look into West End theatre arts.

We saw three shows; Port, War Horse and Matilda which was the last show we watched and was an absolutely fantastic way to end our stay. The actors were just magnificent throughout and being a Drama GCSE student, I was mentally noting in my head all the technicalities that would have gone into making each of the shows so successful. We had an excellent  private tour of the  National Theatre. The exhibitions and galleries were extremely interesting and we all sketched different master pieces.  One of the most memorable galleries was the Tate Modern and the Light Show at the Hayward was very impressive.

Our trip was rounded off  perfectly with a visit to famous London landmarks and a boat trip on the Thames. We would like to thank our sponsor, BFC whose generous contribution provided our carry bags for the trip.