Apr 172013
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Spring Has Sprung

Springs are elastic. Spring Concerts are eclectic. Sometimes they’re electric. The Senior School Spring Concert was an eclectic mix of electric music which had to be elastic to accommodate the various ensembles involved. Students were everywhere, playing in the Big Band, the Woodwind Group, Arnold Brass, singing with the Choir and performing with the Strings and the Saxophones. We prepared to dazzle.

Arnold Brass maintained their excellent standard of achievement and discipline. Our String Group and String Trio excelled with particularly difficult music.   Rayan Bannai and Michel Toutougny played a masterful rendition of Bach’s Double Violin Concerto, ably supported by Matthew Holman and the String Group. Our Flutes provided their usual hauntingly beautiful set whilst the Big Band experienced the sort of scenario professionals cope with, called ‘winging it’ or ‘freestyling’. Our Saxophone group dazzled as usual with an excellent set of highly technical but entertaining works and the audience responded so enthusiastically.The Senior Girls’ Choir maintained the standard of harmony and ensemble they set prior to Christmas. The evening was rounded off with the Orchestra’s rousing finale and with an equally rousing reaction from the audience.