Apr 172013
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One Man and his Dog

Hi I’m Ollie, my full name is Oliver Twist, you will never guess why! When Tony’s friends found me, I had been hit by a car and  left by the side of the road to die. My leg was so twisted they had to amputate it to save my life and now I am known as Oliver Twist – with only 3 legs!

On 9 April 2013 I came into St Christopher’s Senior School, Isa Town. The students had baked loads of cakes and sold them to make money for us and they raised BD450 for my friends and I!

There were so many students I think I got stage fright as Tony thanked everyone and asked the students to come and visit us at the shelter. Volunteers are always needed to play with the cats and brush and wash the dogs. The Saar shelter is open on Fridays 10am-12pm; maybe a nice student will visit me soon.

7G came to say hello and present us with a big red cheque. The class had raised 120BD all by themselves, I think their mums and dads must be really good cooks.

My friends at Tony’s Shelter will be so happy with the money the students have raised to help us. It will probably be spent on a vets bill – Tony has lots of them! He doesn’t like to leave any animal in Bahrain suffering. He really is kind to all animals. If you come to the shelter and meet us, you will see my other friends including donkeys and ducks!