Nov 282013
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Ruled by the Rod

We’re always told in England to ‘Remember, Remember the Fifth of November’. No doubt the children of St Christopher’s will be remembering this date for a long time. But not because of Guy Fawkes. No, no, no! It was because that was the day when the RUTHLESS ROMAN army marched into Manama.

The actors from ‘Horrible Histories’ rode their chariots into the Cultural Hall on the Corniche to a packed St Chris audience of 750 pupils. The hilarious show was loved by the children which taught them all about life in Britain under Roman Rule. They learned about Roman sanitation, the role of women in Roman society, as well as finding out about famous Roman Emperors, such as Nero and Caesar.

Loren Abbott, Year 6 said, “I loved the bit when they were talking about celebrity emperors and we all had to get up and dance. Even the teachers and Mrs Bataineh got up and danced!”

Anna Evans-Woolf, also Year 6, ‘’I loved the slapstick nature of the actors continuously punching each other with sound effects’’.

A fabulous morning was had by all and we look forward to seeing what type of historical figures will march into Manama next year on their world tour.